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 Escape Room Bermuda Ltd.

Covid-19 Safety Precautions


Escape Room Bermuda is committed to following government and CDC guidelines and is taking every possible step to ensure that our guests have a safe entertainment experience. In order to ensure a safe and controlled atmosphere, please read our current policy:


  • Reservations ONLY – No walk-ins until further notice.

  • Groups continue to be private.  We strongly encourage you to only participate with people whom you are already in regular contact with.

  • Booking in advance is mandatory. Payment is only made in advance when booking.

  • ALL participants are required to do an online waiver for every game. We ask that you do this in advance of your arrival.

  • Groups must enter the building together (only players are allowed in) and no more than 10 minutes prior to your game.  Each game is timed so that you will likely not see another group.

  • Players (and staff) must always wear a face mask until further notice.

  • Players should arrive on time. Hand sanitizer will be provided upon entering and once again before playing the game. Hand sanitizer is readily available in all spaces. Gloves can be provided if requested.

  • Temperature checks will be made to all players upon entry.

  • Props designated for picture taking will no longer be used until further notice. Players leave the facility after they finish the game. When leaving, participants disinfect hands again.

  • After every game, the rooms and surfaces are sanitized with disinfectant and the doors opened to air out the space with our upgraded air purifier.



  • Only healthy players should come. If you are coughing or do not feel well, please stay at home.

  • If necessary, cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or your sleeve, and not into your hands when coughing or sneezing. Wash your hands. Do not touch your face, nose or mouth.

  • Endeavor to maintain distance (at least 3 feet) between yourself and staff.

  • Be safe and have fun!

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